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Hello world!

December 14, 2008

Welcome to my blog!   Here is a short biography about myself so you can get to know me.

Most people list love as their reason to begin writing.  Mine was frustration.  As a farmer’s wife in northeastern Montana, I could choose between our little county library, which consisted of two rooms full of books I’d been reading since grade school, or the pages of farm magazines, whose editors seemed to think the only thing a woman was interested in were recipes.

Since I hated to cook, dressing up summer salads and Christmas hams did not appeal to me.  In a fit of exasperation, I sent a letter to the Montana Farmer-Stockman suggesting a column written for women by women – me.  To my surprise, the editor immediately shot back a one page note accepting my offer and assigning an 800 word column twice a month.  Thus “Up My Country Road” was born.  Its instant acceptance shocked me even more, and the many compliments I received on it encouraged me to send out articles which were published in magazines such as Bow and Arrow Hunting, Montana Magazine and Furrow, as well as several anthologies.

In 2004, I was selected to attend the Guideposts Writer’s Workshop, an intensive week long training under some of the best inspirational writers in America.  Being chosen out of thousands of manuscripts was honor enough, but learning from these incredible writers made me realize how fortunate I was in going to Rye.  Since then I have continued to write for Guideposts, Angels on Earth and other publications and I can now list “love” in my reasons for writing, with “satisfaction” a close second.

Several writers from the ‘04 class at Rye formed a writer’s group, The Marble Shapers, of which I was blessed to become a part.  These great friends never flag in their constant support and encouragement, and their sharp eye in critiquing has made me a better writer than I thought possible.  Thank you, girls!  B. J. Taylor, Mary Lou Reed, Catherine Madera, Stephanie Thompson, Julie Garmon, Susan Karas and Peggy Frezon.  If any of you want to start a writers group and don’t know how to, get B. J.’S book, The Complete Guide to Writers Groups That Work.  It will show you exactly how to do it.

I am also a member of The Writer’s View online forum, Women Writing the West, and still pull cards as a volunteer at the library.  You just can’t keep me out of that place!